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Company Profile

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  Yangzhou Mingxing Brush Machine Co., Ltd. is a professional technical corporation major in brush making equipment development, manufacture, sales and services. We located in Yangzhou city, where is beautiful with ancient cultural. In the continuous development of the company, we always provide customers with good products and technical support, perfect after-sales service. Our company mainly major in CNC control brush making machine, precision mold, precision machinery, plastic products, metal products, processing, sales, self-support and agent of all kinds of commodities, import and export technology business. Our company always insists on “Survival Based On Quality, Development Based On Science And Technology”. We are always improving the service system, in order to provide you with fast, professional services, Our management system always with standardized and procedural, which can perfect and effective for our business, We are keeping develop to a provide science and technology producing, sales of CNC drilling and tufting machine, trimming machine, and supporting equipment professional manufacturer.


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Market hotline: 15861332638

After sales hotline: 18912136706


Address: Henan jiaozu, Huafeng South, Tai'an, Ecological Science and Technology district, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province,China



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